Rotor 3D Plus MTB Cranks

3D+ MTB Cranks

MTB Double (110/74) and MTB Triple (104/64)

ROTOR Bike Components has developed a specific oversized-axle crankset for multiple BB systems (BB30, BBRight & classic BSA), based on its successful 3D crank, Being both lighter and stiffer than the titanium 3D crank, this is a lightweight, full aluminium, purebred performance crank weighing just 493 g for 175 mm / 2x9-10 (w/o BB, chain-rings and spacers).

This crank is manufactured using an improved version of our proprietary “Trinity Drilling System” technology during manufacture. Due to the larger axle-crank contact area of a BB30 crank, all three holes can be drilled from the axle side of the crank arm, allowing for further optimization of wall thicknesses, improving both the weight and the weight-rigidity ratio of the crank arm.

Certified to EN 14766 standard. Impressive specific stiffness figure. The 3D+ crankset improves upon the stiffness to weight ratio of our 3D crankset, which is well known in the market for its extreme rigidity (as demanded by Thor Hushovd), making 3D+ the best choice for the cyclist demanding rigidity but concerned about weight.

Precision bearing preload adjustability achieved with a simple to use compression ring with locknut.

Compatible with nearly every bottom bracket standard in the market:

  • BB30 frames (68 mm bottom bracket width)
  • Classic BSA threaded frames for BB24 cranks, by means of our “BSA30” BB

Sizes: 175, 172.5 & 170mm
XC2 Q-Factor: 163mm
Chain line: 44.5 mm